Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop Review in 2021

Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop review

In a range of laptops, how to pick the best one? We have a complete Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop review to get the answer of this question.

The first thing that is focused on when you are going to buy a laptop is durability and the built quality, and the rest of the specifications.

So, when it comes to durability, we have some of the best companies providing their best and durable products.

We can say that Dell is one of them, and that’s why we have Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop review to make the people facilitated.

There are various brands that are known, and we already mentioned that Dell is one of them, so we can easily trust the devices made by Dell.

And especially when your preference is the durability and best quality, then there is no competitor of Dell, and you can easily have a laptop.

But still, we need to check the device specifications required to make the laptop the best, and these specifications must be present in the computer.

And these specifications are critical, and you must be concerned about them, but it is evident that there is no such difficulty in these specifications to consider.

So, we are going to mention and discuss the specifications that Dell Inspiron possesses.

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We already know that when we need speed, we must have a good processor, but if you don’t have a good processor, you cannot get enough speed.

It is pretty clear that processors are essential and must be checked before buying a laptop and consider it something meaningful.

When we talk about Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop review, we know that we have an AMD A8-7410 Quad-Core APU 2.2GHz processor.

And when we consider the performance, then it is evident that this processor can run your heavy task without any lag.


The other most crucial thing is RAM; when it comes to speed, RAM also plays the same role as the processor.

So, you need good RAM to execute your tasks within less time and make your laptop work efficiently and smartly.

In Dell Inspiron, we have 6GB single-channel RAM, which is quite a good option but not for gaming. In general, it can be a good option.

But we can say that RAM is a flexible specification and can be replaced at any time, or you can upgrade it whenever you want to.

Graphics card

Graphics cards must be needed to make the visuals and performance better, especially if you are willing to play games.

But if you are going to use this laptop for simple or official tasks, you must also need a graphics card to make the performance best.

In Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop review, we have seen the graphics card named Radeon R5 Graphics. And it is stated that this graphics card is a good option.

When we talk about the budget, we have some of the best specifications installed in this laptop on a very reasonable budget.


Then storage comes, and we are all clear that we need to get some of the excellent storage space for storing our data.

And the storage space must be present in a laptop, and then we get to know whether this laptop is a good option or not.

So, we have 500GB 5400RPM SATA that is more than enough to save your tasks and documents. It is also suitable for gaming.

And we have two options of storing our data that are using SSDs and hard disk drives, but using any of them can be suitable.

Display size

Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop display

After the technical specifications, we also consider the appearance specifications, and in this, we have the display size first.

But it is something dependent on the user that which display size suits them. It can be different for a gaming laptop or a simple laptop.

In this case, we have a 15.6-inches display, and this is the size suitable for official tasks and gaming. It is pretty decent and the most common one.

So, if you prefer to have a decent display size, you can go for this laptop, and there is no such drawback of using this display size.

Technical specifications

ProcessorAMD A8-7410 Quad-Core APU 2.2GHz
RAM6GB single-channel
Graphics cardRadeon R5 graphics 



Battery life

6 hours

Display type



HD webcam


Stereo speakers

Display Technology

LED backlit/ Truelife

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  • Decent display size
  • Graphics card installed
  • Have a good storage space
  • It can be used for light gaming
  • RAM is comparatively low
  • No SSD installed
  • Heavy games cannot be played

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Why Dell Inspiron i5555?

We always need to stay on a budget whenever we are going to buy a laptop. So, it must be essential to check the budget.

After our Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 review, we know that this laptop contains comparatively best specifications that can be more than average to impress.

And surprisingly, we are getting all these specifications at a reasonable price, and that’s something awe-inspiring for a laptop.

Final verdict on Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 review

We have discussed all the essential points present in a laptop, and then we claimed that this laptop is a good choice.

And we have found every of the vital specification in the Dell Inspiron i5555 0012 laptop review. So, it is pretty clear that this must be a good option.

But still, there are some of the specifications on which Dell compromised, but they are not meant to be very important. This laptop is worth buying and worth spending your money on.

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