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If you are a master in writing content and willing to write for some website then you are in a right place. We warmly welcome you to provide your services on our website.

We are accepting guest posts written related to the Tech, Laptops, Computers, Laptop & Computer accessories. 

What will be our response?

We are anxiously waiting to accept masters of writing. If you can write on the topics mentioned above then you are heartedly welcome to write on our website.

We’ll allow you to convert your skills into your writing and make people impressed. This is a very big opportunity for a writer to share his thoughts.

Guest Blog Posting submission steps

There are always some steps to perform your tasks perfectly. Here we are providing some guidelines on how to write or submit your content to our website.

The very basic and the most important thing is we encourage you to send your Title ideas to us before writing content on it then webmasters decide which title is suitable to write on.

Original content: 

Original content means the article free of plagiarism, based on your ideas and right information. It is very clear that we only accept original content and must reject plagiarized content.

Topics required:

As we mentioned above, we only accept guest posts regarding Tech, Laptops, Computers, Gadgets, Laptops, and Computers accessory. You can write anything while considering these topics and should amaze your viewers with the art of your words.

Note: We do not accept Gambling, Casino, Poker, CBD or other related Topics.

Format to be accepted:

We are working through a proper format and are also encouraged to do the same. If you are willing to write for us then you must use heading and sub-heading tags. Your content must be keyword optimized and SEO-friendly.

Sponsored content:

We are providing a paid guest post with a single do-follow link. The quality of content decides the price. There must be one thing very clear that your article not marked with sponsor tag.

Internal linking:

To publish your content, you must link your post to the live posts of Gadget Fame. Without linking it, your content must be ignored.

Sizing of the paragraph:

We encourage you to write small paragraphs like having three to four sentences in a paragraph is enough otherwise it looks so messy and the user dislikes the mess.

We are not saying to compromise on the data, we are just forcing you to divide your content into a reasonable number of paragraphs.


If you are willing to use images in your content then you must provide the image sources due to copyrights.

How to submit a guest post

We are providing an email address on which you can approach us. The Email address is mentioned below:

Email: gadgetfame1@gmail.com

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