How to improve gaming performance on a laptop

how to improve gaming performance on laptop

We start something with the very basics of it, then slowly we increase the power and our skills. when we talk about gaming, gaming can be done on a simple laptop like HP pavilion 17-AR050WM but keep in your mind that it only enables you to play light games.

Gaming needs some enhanced performance that can only be done by upgrading some of the specifications. By upgrading these specifications, we can able to increase our gaming performance.

Increasing gaming performance doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge amount, some simple methods don’t need money for upgradation.

These simple changes can be done at home and everyone can do them. If you are a beginner, you can also save that change and upgrade your laptop and if you are a professional it’s the easiest task for you.

Some of the important changes are discussed below and these specifications must be followed if you want to improve gaming performance on a laptop.

Update the drivers

Updating the driver can help to make your gaming laptop the best according to the performance. You can easily install device drivers from the internet or you can have them on a USB that can easily available from the market.

Moreover, updating device drivers can help you increase the performance of your laptop in a sense of your audio devices and graphics.

So, it is cleared that to make your laptop perform best, you must have the latest device drivers that are suitable for your laptop.

Activate your windows

Other than gaming, there are some more tasks that need your windows to be activated. We can say that, without activating the windows, we are unable to enjoy most of the features.

So, it is not that difficult to activate your windows and enjoy your tasks. and activating windows do not cost anything so you can easily do it at your home.

What specifications to be upgraded?

There is some specification that must be upgraded to enjoy gaming and having your laptop performance best. So, this is also cost consuming but still! They are important to upgrade.

If you don’t upgrade them, there is no problem except slowing down your laptop. And playing games on a slow laptop doesn’t make any sense.

So, it is necessary to upgrade them and have high-end gaming with the best performance a laptop can give.

Upgrading the graphics card

The very basic thing in a gaming laptop is a graphics card. Moreover, it can be replaceable and you can easily upgrade it any time you want to do.

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But it is cost consuming, many cards are very expensive but there is a fact that you must need them if you want to do high-end gaming.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need a high-end graphics card or an expensive one, just you need a simple graphics card that can handle the load of your favorite games.

The Nvidia series is considered the most suitable graphics card for gaming laptops. These cards are starting from the low price and rise to the high prices but they are worth spending the money on.

Having the best RAM

RAM plays a vital role in making your laptop the best for gaming. It all depends on the RAM that how gaming can be done on a gaming laptop without any lag.

If you are having slow RAM and this RAM is not that efficient then you must compromise on your gaming. We can say that using a short RAM doesn’t make any sense, especially for a gaming laptop.

Some laptops have a default better RAM but in some of them, you just need to upgrade them. We recommend you use at least 16 GB of RAM for a gaming laptop.

If you are having a simple laptop for your office work only, then there is no need of spending that much just on RAM but it is the opposite in the case of a gaming laptop.

Upgrading only RAM cannot make your laptop faster, there are many more things that must be done to have a speedier laptop.

Increase storage

For performance, storage doesn’t have that much effect but still, there is a need of upgrading your storage. The best storage can make you able to perform your laptop the best.

Moreover, if you want to keep more than one game or we can say that if you are playing more than one game then it is compulsory to have a large storage.

But it all depends on you, you better know your need and requirements of your game, we are just recommending using enough storage that you don’t need a spare hard disk drive.

Replace the battery

For gaming, we need extra power or we cannot put our laptops on charging every time so, we must have a strong battery that can handle the game’s load and make you able to play games for many hours.

The battery is considered the most important specification because if you are using a dumb battery, you will always need to put your laptop on charging which means you are declining the portability and making your laptop heat up.

Wrap up

To increase the performance, we must need to improve some specifications. Some specifications need some cost to be done but there are some which do not cost that much.

But some specifications need a cost for upgradation but these specifications are worth spending your money on.

We discussed top specifications that can surely increase your gaming performance on your laptop.

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