Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review in 2021

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review

If you want a good laptop, you can check the Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review , which we are telling you in full detail. 

Also, If you need to purchase a laptop and your budget is a bit low, you don’t need to stick to a smaller model with an 11.6″ display.

As there are plenty of bigger models available, with the same pocket-friendly cost. 

One of them is the Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101, which is considered one of the very affordable laptops of the moment.

It is packed simultaneously with a unique specification sheet, just perfect for all your basic daily routine tasks.

However, it is an entry-level model, the fact that it. Toshiba laptop is run by an Intel Celeron N2840 processor, clocked at 2.58 GHz, and with a 1 MB cache, it doesn’t surprise. 

You understand what you pay for. The CPU is supported by 4 GB of DDR3L memory. 

The Mobile Intel HD integrated graphics card is really very helpful in delivering the quality images and videos..

The Toshiba C55-B5101 usually comes with sufficient storage space, just because of the 500 GB Serial ATA hard drive. 

But, obviously, in the eventuality of needing even more space, you can opt for cloud storage.

Or empty the drive, using the DVD±RW/CD-RW drive, with double-layer support, the card slot, or one of the three USB ports.

To be more precise, the laptop supports SD, SDHC, mini SD, micro SD, and MMC cards, although one of the USB ports is 3.0, for fast transfer speeds, alongside two 2.0 ones.

Design in the Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review defined is convenient in Jet Black, and it features a textured resin finish, which gives it a very knowledgeable appearance. 

It is quite heavy. However, its weight is 4.85 lbs and measures 1.05″ in thickness.

We have windows 8.1 installed in this laptop and we also have the best software and drivers installed in the windows.

Other than all of this, you will also receive a 1-month trial of Microsoft Office 365. Let’s dive straight at  most interesting features:


Come towards Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review , the Toshiba C55-B5101 is cine with a 15.6 inch TruBrite TFT LED-backlit high definition widescreen display. 

At its cost, it is obvious that the resolution is just 1366×768 pixels, but it is unique enough for you to enjoy movies or even some casual gaming at a good quality.


Let’s talk about its design Toshiba C55-B5101 is comes in Jet Black and features a textured resin finish, which gives it a very sophisticated appearance. 

Toshiba Satellite laptop is quite heavy, according to its weight of 4.85 lbs and measures 1.0 inches in thickness.

However, You will receive the laptop with a pre-installed copy of Microsoft Windows 8.1 and a quite good software package.

It  consists of Adobe Reader, PhotoDirector LE, PowerDirector LE, Spotify, and a whole host of Toshiba utilities.

An HDMI output represents the connectivity ports to connect it to a huge display. In addition, Toshiba  C55-B5101 comes with sufficient storage space.

Storage Capacity:

The Toshiba  C55-B5101 comes with sufficient storage capacity, and it is just due to the 500 GB Serial ATA hard drive. 

Obviously, in the eventuality of needing some more space, you can opt for cloud storage, or probably an empty drive.

Using the DVD±RW or CD-RW drive, with double-layer support, although the card slot or one of the three USB ports which is best for users.

Some more specific, the laptop usually 2q supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD, and MMC cards, while one of the USB ports is 3.0, for quick transfer speeds, alongside two 2.0 ones.


The connectivity port is usually represented by an HDMI output so that you can connect it to a huge display screen or an HDTV.

This is defined in the Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review that it has built-in wireless and Ethernet LAN, and a Bluetooth 4.0 interface, to pair it with compatible devices.

Pros and cons of Toshiba C55-B5101

  • Low-cost processors are best for basic tasks.
  • Basic GPU permits playing less demanding games.
  • This 15.6-inch screen gives a good tradeoff
  • An integrated webcam for video chatting.
  • Build-in CD/DVD drive
  • Processor is not suitable for multitasking, and computation intensive tasks
  • Battery life is unknown.

Technical Specifications:

Operating systemWindow 8
Display size15.6 inch
Resolution1366 x 768 pixels
Memory4 GB of DDREL
ProcessorIntel Celeron N2840 processor.
Graphic cardIntel HD integrated 
Battery cellLithium-ion battery
Weight4.85 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Toshiba worth buying?

A: The 15.6-inch Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 is one of the affordable laptop PCs with Windows OS. 

we must compromise on some things when you are keeping yourself under a budget and we got some of the best specifications.

However, These components are good enough for the average user’s daily chores, but they are not suitable for computationally intensive video editing tasks and similar stuff.

Q2: Will a Toshiba laptop work with a dead battery?

A: There is not a big deal if you are using your laptop with the dead battery but it can immediately crash and may be your data will be deleted.

Q3: Where is the battery in a Toshiba Satellite laptop?

A: However, the Toshiba battery is usually located on the bottom of the laptop, which is nearby where the display screen attaches to the base.

However, it is usually held in place by two Phillips head screws, which need to be removed to remove the battery.

Q4: How much RAM can a Toshiba Satellite hold?

A: When it comes to the RAM, Toshiba laptops come along with 2 memory slots, that are manufactured from 2012-2016 

It comes along with intel core i5 and i7CPUs hugely taking 16GB of RAM maximum through 2x8GB RAMmodules.

Q5: Can a Toshiba Satellite laptop be upgraded?

A: You can easily upgrade the specifications like RAM and storage at any time. Only specific gaming laptop models that generally cost at least USD 1,400.

They may allow you to upgrade the GPU. You cannot upgrade the CPU because it is soldered into the motherboard.

Final Verdict – Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review

Today we are going to do a Toshiba Satellite C55-B5101 Review  in if you have a low budget but need the best laptop.

Toshiba is the best. If you want to use Toshiba C55-B5101 laptop as a personal computer then this is a good choice.

However, this laptop is equipped with a large 15.6 inches display and a unique Intel Celeron CPU processor.

This Toshiba laptop weighs 4.58lbs which maintains the portability of this laptop. It is pretty heavy, and its design is sleek in black look. 

It is best for school work or the family computer; this laptop is worth $231.