Top 3 Ways of How to Take Screenshot on Asus Laptop

How to Take Screenshot on Asus Laptop

Some people prefer to take screenshots on a laptop to save something or to remember something. All laptops have this option.

You can easily take screenshots with a single click on best laptops but in some laptops, we are unable to take screenshots that much easier.

Here we are talking about the Asus laptop, you can easily take screenshots on an Asus laptop and there is no difficulty in taking screenshots.

There are three ways to take screenshots on an Asus laptop. These three ways are very easy and you can take screenshots without any difficulty.

So, we are going to discuss these three ways in detail so, you can easily save your important screenshots in your library.

Using Prnt Scrn button

Starting with the basic one, it is the easiest way to take a screenshot. All you need is to press that button.

As soon as you press the Prnt screen button, your laptop took a screenshot of the opened screen and then puts it in your clipboard.

When the snapshot is saved in the clipboard, you can save it anywhere on your laptop so, it is considered the easiest way to take screenshots.

Press Windows + Prnt Scrn

As we mentioned above that pressing this button is the simplest way to take a screenshot but we have another way that is also quite simple.

You can take a screenshot with the combination of the windows button and the Prnt Scrn button available on your keyboard.

It is very much simple because all you need to press these buttons and you are all done taking your snapshot.

Your captured snapshot will be saved in the clipboard so, you can save it anywhere else later.

Press Alt + Prnt Scrn

As we all know that keyboard is something very sensitive, sometimes many keys may not work due to some problems or any kind of damage.

So, we must have alternate options or shortcuts in case of any emergency. It helps you to save time and energy.

We have an alternate way to take a screenshot that is Alt + Prnt Scrn button, you can easily take a screenshot of your opened screen.

Like we mentioned above that you can also take a screenshot by using the combination of the 

windows button and Prnt Scrn button but in case, your windows button doesn’t work, you can 

use the Alt button.

There are many more steps to take a screenshot but those steps are somehow difficult and cannot be understood by many of the users.

So, these three steps are the easiest and can be understood by every type of user. And these steps can be applied on under budget laptops

Bottom line

Taking a screenshot is the most common thing and it is needed for some reasons like when you have to save your login details and many more.

We have discussed the top three easiest and the most common steps which can help you in taking screenshots.

When it comes to Asus laptops, these three ways can easily be followed so, you can have your snapshot without any difficulty.

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