HP 15.6-Inch 15-af131dx Laptop Review in 2021

HP 15.6-Inch 15-af131dx Laptop Review

Many brands are considered the best brand when we talk about laptops. And these brands are one of the famous brands.

When it comes to performance, HP never fails to amaze its customers and users. Some are having an HP laptop is a good option.

We have a Hp notebook 15 af131dx review, and we discussed some of its best specifications that are needed to make a laptop the best or worst.

If durability and performance are your preference, you must go for this laptop, and we have some of the good specifications installed in it.

It has all the needed specifications in a laptop to perform the best and intelligence.

When we have some intelligent specifications, we must have a laptop that works very efficiently and quickly.

Some people think that buying a laptop is all about spending much on it, but it is wrong, it depends on your budget and requirements.

If your requirements are low, you can go for a budget laptop, but you must buy a heavy notebook if you have high requirements.

We will review Hp notebook 15 af131dx and discuss some of its best specifications that are needed to make a laptop the best or worst.


We all know that whenever it comes to the laptop, processors are something significant for speed.

It doesn’t make any sense to have a laptop without a good processor. So, it is pretty evident that we must need to focus on the processor.

In the Hp notebook 15 af131dx review, we have found a core i5 processor that is good enough to perform your official tasks but cannot run high-end games.

But in general, it is good enough to run all your tasks without any lag and any distraction.


Some professionals claimed that without good RAM, a laptop is like a sports car without an engine, and that’s something apprehensive.

After considering the processor, we must be very focused on the RAM. And for lag-free tasks, we need to have good RAM.

In this laptop, we have 4GB RAM, and this is not impressive and very low to perform some heavy tasks but can be suitable for light tasks.

But we can say that it is not suitable to use this RAM on your laptop or you need to replace it after some time.

And it doesn’t make any sense that you are spending on buying a laptop and then you must spend on the replacement of specifications.


Again, we need some decent storage space to save our tasks. Whenever you are going to buy a laptop, you must consider the storage space your priority.

If you have all the good specifications but don’t have the storage space, it must be a bad option.

In Hp notebook 15 af131dx, manufacturers used the conventional hard disk drive, and its size is 500GB, which is quite a good option.

But the drawback is that we have the conventional hard disk drive rather than having an SSD but having an HDD is also quite good. Moreover, we have enough storage space on this laptop.

Graphics card

Graphics card is also essential for the best performance. Some people thought that a graphics card is only needed when we want to play games.

But a graphics card is still needed when you are willing to have a simple laptop, and it will increase the performance of a computer.

In this case, we have an Nvidia graphics card, which is the best option for the official laptop and the gaming laptops.

This means we can play some of the games that are light or older. But still, we cannot play high-end games due to the low specifications.

Display size

Laptops must be of decent size, but it depends on the choice of the user. Some people prefer more giant screens and some of them prefer small screens.

Here we have a decent display size of 15.6-inches. And this is quite suitable for official tasks and gaming too.

Technical specifications

ProcessorCore i5
Storage500 GB
Graphics cardNvidia graphics card
Touch screeNo 

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  • Have a good display size
  • Windows 10 installed
  • Have a decent storage space
  • Graphics card installed
  • Very low RAM
  • No SSD installed
  • Using a conventional hard disk drive
  • Unable to run high-end games
  • No touch screens

Buyer Guide

We can consider this laptop as a budget laptop, and when we are willing to buy a budget laptop, we have to compromise on some things.

But there are many things that you cannot ignore and must be concerned about them. When we talk about the budget, we must compromise on a low RAM and storage space.

In some cases, we found the best specifications even in our budget so; it depends on you how to consider a laptop to buy.

But mostly, there is a compromise on many things to keep yourself on a budget.

Bottom line

Here we have a Hp notebook 15 af131dx review, and we found out that there are many pros and cons in this laptop, and there are some of the compromises.

We have many good things about this laptop, but still, many things can make this laptop not suitable for many people.

But it all depends on the user requirement and how much heavy specifications he needs. But you must have a look at the specifications and decide whether to buy or not.

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