How to upload multiple photos to Instagram from Laptop?

How to upload multiple photos to Instagram from Laptop?

Instagram is now being utilized as a source of revenue and by users who want to expand their accounts. 

As a result, people prefer to publish directly from their laptops rather than downloading photos to their phones through a desktop, which takes a long time.

On a PC, there are many options for uploading photos to Instagram, including using the Instagram app directly, social media management tools, and browser extensions.

Do you wish to expand your account and improve its performance? Is there a method to upload high-resolution photos from a laptop? 

Read on to learn how to post photos to Instagram from your laptop:

Chrome Extension

The desktop Chrome extension is a very easy method to post photos to Instagram. However, you may not be able to upload many pictures, as you can in other ways.

  • Go to Google Desktop, select Add to Chrome, and then Add the Extension.
  • Click the Instagram symbol in the top menu and log in using your Instagram credentials.
  • On the feed, choose the Add symbol. Open a picture or video that you want to upload and choose it.
  • Make any changes you wish, then click Next and Share.

Developer Tools

By altering certain browser settings in the following manner, you may transform your laptop screen into a mobile screen. To publish to Instagram, use Google Chrome and follow our step-by-step instructions.

  • Log in to Instagram, click the three-dot symbol, then MORE TOOLS, then DEVELOPER TOOLS.
  • Change the mode to mobile size by selecting the mobile icon.
  • Select the Add button and choose a picture or video to upload.
  • Start by opening a file on your PC or laptop, then go on to the next and post. It’s finally finished.

Through The late social App

By signing up for a free Instagram account, you may post numerous pictures. The steps are as follows:

  • Open the app in a browser on your laptop and log in to your latelysocial account.
  • From the site menu, choose the price.
  • Choose a plan below the free plan by scrolling down. The new user registration page will appear.
  • Fill in the necessary information and click Sign Up. An account will be created for you.
  • You will be taken to the login page automatically.

Please follow the instructions below to quickly post multiple items to Instagram now that you’ve established an account on this app.

Account details:

  • Proceed to the next step to link your Instagram account to latelysocial by entering your email and Instagram password.
  • Your account dashboard will appear when you log in to your latelysocial account. By tapping the account manager on the left side, you may link your account to the app account.
  • Select Add Account from the Instagram Accounts section. There will be a pop-up window that appears.
  • Click next after entering your Instagram username and password. However, if you get a PASSWORD ERROR, a security code box will appear; on the right, click create new code.
  • This code will be sent to you. Click Add an Account after entering the code in the security box.
  • A window appears; read the relevant information and then shut it. Your Instagram account, which you added, will be visible.


  • Go to Lately Social and choose Instagram. It will give you two choices. Select Post from the drop-down menu underneath Instagram.
  • Check the checkbox you placed earlier on the new window post. This verifies that you wish to post pictures to the Instagram account you’ve chosen.
  • Before moving on to the next stage, choose the carousel.
  • In the file management area, choose the first icon. You have the option of uploading a file directly from your laptop.
  • Double-click images in the folder containing the photographs you wish to upload. It will begin to upload to the app.
  • This is where you may add more pictures. Repeat by clicking the file upload button a second time, then navigating to the folder where the additional photos are stored and double-clicking.
  • Use the checkbox to schedule your post and choose the appropriate time and date for it to be published. You may also choose from a number of elegant settings.
  • On the new post page, click the post button in the bottom right corner. Ok!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Can I use Instagram without having to use a third-party application?

A: You can’t post pictures to Instagram from your laptop unless you use third-party software. To upload several photos to Instagram from a laptop, we recommend utilizing

Q2. How Do I Use My laptop To Post To Instagram?

A: Create an account on – 2. Connect your Instagram account to your account – 3. Upload a photo from to Instagram.

Q3. How Do I Use Google To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram?

A: You can post numerous pictures to Instagram using two Google applications. Photos stored in Google Photos or Google Drive may be used.

To upload several pictures from Google Photos, launch the app and pick the first photo by tapping and holding it. 

After you’ve made your selection, touch each picture you wish to upload. Finally, hit the share button in the upper right corner, then choose Instagram Stories and post your pictures.

Q4. How do you add more photos to a previously published Instagram post?

A: Unfortunately, you CANNOT add additional pictures to an Instagram post after it has been published. You may create a new caption, modify the caption, and/or change the Alt Text in the post.

Final Verdict:

Instagram, one of the most popular social media apps, enables users to interact and connect with individuals all over the globe. 

On a private or public account, one may use Instagram to share photos, stories, and other content with their followers. 

Users have complete control over the photos and videos they post on Instagram. They have the ability to make adjustments at any moment.

Instagram users may now submit up to ten pictures and videos at a time and publish them all in one post on their feed. 

If you’re not sure how to share a post on Instagram with numerous pictures or videos, read this article thoroughly. We’ve already discussed a few crucial measures.

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