Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop Review

Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop Review

Do you want a good affordable laptop? The Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop is a great laptop.

For improved image quality, the Lenovo Z70 variant comes with a 17.3-inch laptop with an NVIDIA graphics card. 

Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop has a bright display, a cutting-edge Intel CPU, and JBL-designed speakers with Dolby audio for better sound quality; you can also attach external speakers to your Lenovo Core i7 laptop. 

It is an excellent gaming and entertainment device. This laptop features a huge 17.3-inch Full HD 1920*1080 resolution display with the finest quality. 

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For optimal gameplay and enjoyment, a Full HD display is recommended.

NVIDIA GeForce 840m graphics card is ideal for online browsing, HD video streaming, and 3D gaming with improved image quality.

Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop has a huge 17.3-inch Anti-Glare Full HD 1920*1080 resolution display with excellent quality. 

Full HD display is ideal for gaming, watching movies, studying, and many other activities. Gaming, graphics, and video editing are all possible with the Lenovo Z70. 

This Lenovo Z70 also has a vivid colour display with millions of different colour effects. It is equipped with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 840m graphics card. 

The NVIDIA GeForce 840m graphics card is ideal for viewing movies, videos, browsing the web, streaming HD videos, and playing high-resolution 3D high-end games. 

If you’re a college student, this laptop is ideal since it can be used for browsing the web, live streaming HD movies, and a variety of other tasks.

For high-quality audio sound, the Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop comes with strong Dual JBL designed Speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio. 

Enjoy a higher degree of sound clarity and greater volume output without distortion with this high-quality device. 

It features Dolby Advanced Audio, which provides realistic surround sound.

The Lenovo Z70 is available in a sleek ebony black finish with an upmarket tactile feel that makes it a joy to use. 

Lenovo Z70 features a beautiful black piano finish that is both stylish and elegant.it is powered by Intel’s 5th Generation Core i7-5500U CPU, which has a 2.4GHz clock speed and 4MB of cache memory. 

It has Turbo Boost Technology, which boosts the processor’s performance to 3.0GHz.

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This Laptop comes with a single rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can be charged and used for up to 4 hours without needing to be recharged.

The Lenovo Z70 comes with a powerful wireless connection suite that includes a Bluetooth 4.0 interface.

which makes it ideal for connecting the laptop with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

It has an 802.11ac wireless WiFi connection and a Gigabit LAN port for wired internet access. For HDMI output, the Lenovo Z70 has two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port. A micro SD card reader and a DVD-RW drive are also included.

Let’s have a look at its high-end features.

1. Design

Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop Design
Source: Amazon

The 17.3-inch Z70 is the largest desktop replacement laptop available, but it makes up for it with a Full HD display and an AccuType keyboard with a number pad on the side. 

It’s compact for a laptop, measuring 11.14 by 0.99 by 16.46 inches and weighing 6.6 pounds, but it’s far from ultraportable. 

It’s smaller and lighter than its other 17.3-inch stablemate, the Lenovo Y70 Touch, which measures 11.44 by 1.02 by 16.61 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds, but is still a great gaming laptop

Laptop has an ebony black cover with a tactile feel, giving it a premium appearance similar to that of most of its high-end rivals.

2. Display

Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop Display
Source: Amazon

The 17.3-inch display supports Full HD 1920×1080 resolutions. However, it lacks touch capabilities like its previous version, the 17.3-inch Lenovo Y70 Touch.

Still, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 function well without touch, so the absence of touch isn’t a deal-breaker…is it? After all, without touch, Windows 10 is much more accessible and intuitive.

The huge screen’s image and color reproduction are very excellent, and you get some crisp details and realistic colors at broad viewing angles. 

We put it to the test with the latest “Hunger Games-Mockingjay” movie trailer in 1080p; the image looked great even in darker scenes.

and the JBL speakers produced crisp sound, even with the thundering explosions. “The Martian” and even “The 33” are examples of this.

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3. Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is based on the AccuType design found on the Lenovo Y70 Touch, however it isn’t illuminated and instead has a bare design. 

This is rather detracting for the category, and no matter how comfortable it is, we’d expect a lighted keyboard here. 

Despite the 17-inch system’s bigger size, there is still no space between the normal keys and the numeric pad, but there is plenty of room on each side. It’s still quite useful, but I’d like a little more space. 

Centred under the space bar is a big clickpad, which provides Windows 8 gesture compatibility, but isn’t suitable for real gaming.

4. Processor

Lenovo Z70 (80FG00DBUS) is equipped with an Intel Core i7-5500U CPU, which is the same fifth-generation dual-core processor found in the Lenovo G50, but with double the memory of 16GB. 

This series of Intel CPUs were introduced in early 2015 (code that is suitable for a wide range of applications and projects).


The system still retains a DVD burner on the side, but it is rapidly becoming an old relic that most manufacturers avoid in newer systems. 

Though it’s convenient to have, particularly if you have older data or movies in your collection, it’s useless when you need it. 

Lenovo Z70 (80FG00DBUS) is equipped with an Intel Core i7-5500U CPU, which is the same fifth-generation dual-core processor found in the Lenovo G50, but with double the memory of 16GB. Speed and turbo most of it around. 

Ethernet, one HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, and VGA are among the ports included on the Z70.

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Technical Specification:

Model NumberZ70
Dimensions (mm)41.80 x 283.00 x 25.00
Weight (kg)2.99
Battery Cell4
Operating systemWindows 10
Battery Capacity (WHR)41
Display Size 17.30-inch
ProcessorIntel Core i7 5500U
Base Clock Speed2.4 GHz

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  • 17.3-inch display supports Full HD
  • Windows 10 works well without touch
  • Equipped by Intel Core i7-5500U processor
  • Average battery life
  • No backlit keyboard

Final Verdict – Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop Review

In this article, we will do a Lenovo Z70 17.3-inch Laptop Review in detail to let you know all its specifications and features.

Although the desktop-replacement laptop market is saturated, Lenovo has managed to provide a reliable machine at a reasonable price. 

The Lenovo Z70’s performance isn’t spectacular, but it’ll handle most of your tasks and let you watch movies and videos on a big FHD 17.3-inch screen. 

Similarly, several current-generation games may be played with acceptable resolutions and frame rates.

For better overall performance and a slightly better value for your shopping buck, both the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK and the 17.3-inch Lenovo Y70 Touch suffice as recommendable options thanks to plentiful multimedia options.

Allows you to play games, multitasking prowess, and better benchmark performance. Still, with the Inspiron, you’ll have to do with a 15.6-inch FHD screen. 

However, if you’re looking for a laptop with a big 17.3-inch FHD display, the Lenovo Z70 is a good choice.

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